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Corporate Profile

Zeder Group is a Human Resources & Management Consultancy specializing in Operational HR. With offices in Dubai and Beirut, we act as a link between the Levant & GCC markets with a network extending beyond the MENA region.

Zeder Group provides a full range of high-quality, results-oriented HR services to companies of every scale and in any development stage. Our professionals have over 35 years in developing and implementing HR processes in diverse industries and in companies of various sizes.

Our history has allowed us a hands-on understanding of HR practices as they are translated on the ground--and adapted to the specific needs of different industries, companies & markets.

The Zeder Group team combines a diverse background of many years of remarkable results in the development and implementation of HR solutions from large-scale industries and corporate multinationals, to growing, independent and family businesses.

We are ultimately business minds, mastering HR beyond over-the-shelf theories to find creative custom solutions that reap results & reflect growth on your company.



Our approach is pure operational: more than a theoretical HR consultancy, a recruitment agency or a training firm, we see ourselves as hands-on, in-house business partners. We value an active, long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients: we work in close collaboration with the management to understand each company's specific needs and expectations.

Offering a full range of tailor-made, culturally fit, properly implemented and communicated HR services, we provide each company with solutions that cater to its specific goals and achieve results on the ground.


Our aim is to become market leaders in HR by providing companies with expert services that work for them and earn their trust. We look for the satisfaction, growth, and productivity of:

1. Our Employees
By ensuring their growth and development, in a learning, productive and focused work environment.

2. Our Clients
By acting as their in-house business partners, by investing in their interests and building productive, long-lasting relationships.

3. Our Alliances
By providing them with rich contacts from different markets, and guiding them through an improved professional approach.

4. Our Shareholders
By providing continuous, long-term continuous growth and steady return on investment.

5. Our Community
By creating healthier work cultures in managing diversities and talent, increasing individual and corporate growth through talent matching and development.