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HR Expertise

Our experience and understanding in the various phases of evolution that companies go through, on top of our know-how in the implementation of HR initiatives, guarantee custom-made, cost-effective solutions and ensure their functional integration within our clients' culture.

Operational Approach

Our team of consultants has more than 35 years in operational HR designing, implementing and fine-tuning HR initiatives as part of start-up, expansion and structuring teams--each within their respective companies and within various industries.

Cost & Time Saving

Zeder Group offers business-oriented HR solutions. Everything we do for your company is aimed at lowering cost and increasing returns and productivity.

We are able to act as your HR department & business partners providing you with systems that continue to reap results long after we're done. We help you free up the considerable time, money and energies spent on HR by providing you expert solutions that fits your requirements.

Return on Investment

Our business sense ensures that every investment you make in HR functions leads to profitable returns. We listen to your business concerns and carefully analyze your specific needs according to your strategic and daily work functions to ensure the most cost-effective services.

We combine systems and processes that continue to reap profitability and productivity long after our assignment is complete. And we stay prepared for any post-assignment maintenance and complementary development.

Focused, flexible, with high adaptability--our experienced hands-on team offers you professional, operational HR services.

WE know our HR, we understand your concerns, and we mean BUSINESS!