Assessment: I-Profile

Assessment: I-Profile

About OSM I-Profile Assessment: OSM I-Profile Assessment is a tool developed by Psychologists and interpreted by Entrepreneurs and CEOs. Through its analysis, you can not only determine a person’s character, but can also estimate the costs needed for development.

How I-Profile Analysis Helps You Hire The Right People? The success of your business is determined to a large extent by the caliber of personnel you recruit. Hire the right staff and you will be supported by quality people who share your goals and provide you with solutions, rather than bringing you problems. On the other hand, hiring mistakes can be costly, in terms of missed sales opportunities, adverse customer relations and unwanted warranty issues. That’s not to mention the impact on the morale of other members of your team; the wasted time spent training the wrong person and the cost of hiring a replacement. That is why it is important to know beforehand the potential of the person you are planning to recruit and have an insight into applicants’ likely productivity and performance, before you go ahead and hire someone.
Candidate Analysis: We are offering you a comprehensive personality profiling tool, the I-Profile Analysis. In conjunction with your own face-to-face interview techniques, it will help ensure that you recruit the best possible candidates, saving you perhaps thousands in lost revenue, administrative headaches, management stress and more importantly lost time. After shortlisting external or internal candidates for Sales, Management or Technical positions, you can use I-Profile (a straight forward self-completed online
questionnaire) to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate’s personality. You can also identify whether they would fit within your team, have the right attitude and share your company values.
I-Profile Analysis: Developed exclusively by Open Source Management and its founding partner Paolo Ruggeri, the I-Profile Analysis was piloted for four years, by conducting over 150,000 analyses of managers, business partners, sales people and other personnel, before launching onto the general market. The test contains 242 questions designed to review the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate’s personality, by ticking multiple choice answers such as ‘Yes’, ‘Maybe’, ‘No’. You select the most promising applicants to take the test, which usually takes 20-30 minutes, either online or on a paper copy in your own premises. Once completed, the test is usually evaluated within 48 hours and the results explained to you, the business owner.
Management Reports: OSM provides the subsequent analysis in written and graphical form and consultants are available to help interpret the findings and ensure the ‘best fit’ between the job characteristics and the candidate’s personality profile. As Paolo Ruggeri says:

‘Smart business owners make sure they have the best possible business talents on their team: they hire people for character and train them for competence. Struggling entrepreneurs do the opposite: they hire for competence and then, once the person is in the company, they try to fix character traits.’

I-Profile Analysis enables you to hire people for character and determine how much it will ‘cost’ (time, Money and opportunities) to address any identified weaknesses. When that cost outweighs the benefits of hiring the candidate, then it’s clear that he or she is not the best choice.