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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could step away from your Business for a day, a month or even a year and have it run without you? Imagine having a team that fully understands your vision, a team whose members bring their A-game every single day that would be just amazing, right? Now imagine that same team running your Business while you simply concentrate on growing it, how great would that be?
What if you could also easily identify the main aspects that are draining your business? In that case you would be able to see what is serving your business and what is pulling it down and take immediate action before it’s too late and wouldn’t that be just great?

Then wouldn’t you like to be able, in just a couple of months, to concentrate all of your efforts and man-power on growing your business, serving your clients more efficiently or even finding and seizing new opportunities instead of constantly worrying about results and spending your money aimlessly?
You would, wouldn’t you?

Well look no farther, we’ve got the "magic recipe” that could help you grow your business. In fact, all of our clients are taken through this step by step approach to enable them to transform their business and reach new heights.
This framework is the result of Zeder Group’s years of experience within the business world and it’s known as the "Business Growth Blueprint”.

There are 5 key steps within it:


Business Discovery Framework:
Have a thorough understanding of your Business & its functions. It is the starting point that will define the rest of the journey.


Targeted Teams Tool:
Fully understand the capabilities of your team. After all, you need to ensure that your car’s engine is working properly and in harmony with its other components before you start your journey.


The Flawless Financial Formula:
Gain visibility on your Business’s stamina to identify the aspects that are draining it. It’s basically analyzing your car’s dynamics to ensure that it is running on its optimum fuel consumption.


Real-Time Revenue Roadmap:
Know your customers. If the passengers in your car are in a good mood, the whole ride would go smoothly.


Thriving in Change:
Now that you have a 360 degree view of your business and have identified the aspects that need improving and taken the right action, sit back and watch your business thrive and prosper.

The Business Growth Blueprint starts from knowing clearly where you are,deciding on the capabilities needed to go where you want to go, having clearvisibility, understanding your stamina, and finally enjoying the ride.

What are you waiting for?

Our Happy Clients

What did they say about us

OSM was one of the greatest things that happened to me. It made me review my knowledge and brought out my forgotten emotions with their professional approach.

Elham Moradi Pour

Elham Moradi Pour

Managing Director, New Way Real Estate

Zeder OSM is a great initiative for the UAE during a period of economic maturity, especially for SMEs. You guys have helped us a lot as partners align and move together in one direction.

Nagham Kaouk

Nagham Kaouk

Managing Director, Sakura Beauty Spa

Don't be misled by his vast experience in HR, because HR is one of ten other areas which Sadek proved to master as a leader and an Executive. I have personally seen Sadek's " Ten in One" skills when it comes to the critical transformation of the company, and we couldn't have reached our crystal clear progress without having with us a person like Sadek who is getting involved in many aspects of our ongoing transformation. Sadek proved to be a second to none Negotiator and a relationship guardian with Key Suppliers, with an excellent commercial mindset that makes him also getting involved in the growth of the Business, while at the same time putting his finger on the pulse of every other department to an extent of having him attending almost every meeting we conduct due to his diversified contribution. In a nutshell and without any sugarcoating here.... Sadek is a "Ten in One" transformational leader who should never be spared by any organization that is undergoing any turnaround or total business transformation. Period.

Hussein Wehbe

Hussein Wehbe

CEO, Former Government Advisor

We always like ensure that we're working efficiently, our strategy is dynamically adapting to market changes and that right people are placed throughout our company.

Our business model requires several moving parts to be in perfect synchronization for us to perform well. To that effect, we brought in Zeder to review all these elements and to bring in fresh eyes to the operation.

Sadek, leading the Zeder team, is a pragmatic "operational consultant”. He has the ability to zero in on pivotal matters that immediately impact the bottom line.

I highly recommend Zeder for any company that requires a frank objective diagnostic that is intellectually deep, yet pragmatic for implementation.

Muzafar El-Ariss

Muzafar El-Ariss

CEO- Royal Catering (Abu Dhabi- UAE)