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Zeder Group is a business consultancy firm specializing in strategic business planning in various industries. Our management consultant help clients put the mechanisms needed to turn company strategies into actions and deliver outcomes that surpass expectations sooner and at lower costs. Our business management consulting firm assists companies in developing ways to increase growth with maximum profitability. Our business consulting process involves analyzing and evaluating what has to be done, getting there, and preventing possible pitfalls. Our methodologies can assist you to transform your business through modernize strategy consulting, change management with our HR services, strategic management, branding, targeting the right audience, and many more with a holistic approach. Zeder group's Business consultancy service ensures organizational change through solutions that can be adopted, and results can be assured. In this highly competitive world, you require skilled specialists to outfit you and train you to be globally competent. Besides business consultancy Dubai, we can also find the top talent for you in our HR recruitment company.

We've been in the consulting business for years and worked in every possible niche, making our area of expertise very wide. Whether you're a new business or a major enterprise, our consulting company can help you. We also ensure your business success with our comprehensive HR consultancy services.

Standing tall as a major business consultancy in Dubai in the industry, our HR company understands that each customer is unique and that various other factors, such as size, location, industry, and so on, play a role. Therefore, based on a full understanding of all areas, we deliver individually designed services as strategy consultants, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

What We Can Help With?

Business & Corporate Strategy

Excellence in Operations and Process Improvement

Employee and Organizational Culture

Brand Portfolio and Program Management


Why Partner Up with Zeder Group Business Consultancy UAE?

1 As one of the best business consulting firms, we provide an analysis with added value that is both informative and useful.

2 Our prompt customer assistance sets us apart from other consulting companies.

3 Our management consultants include marketing, strategy, IT, etc., experts in their respective disciplines.

4 We make transformational recommendations based on extensive evaluations and market research.

5 We devise a business development plan that is accessible, reasonable, and transparent.

6 Our consulting team is innovative and technologically skilled.

7 We offer pricing that is both cost-effective and efficient.

8 We can help startups, small business owners, and large firms with our business management consultancy.

9 Years of work experience in strategic consulting give us an edge over other business consulting services providers.


Our Business Growth Blueprint

Business Discovery Framework

We strive to understand your business model and organizational structure. The goal is to know everything there is to know about your business process and how it works. It is the most crucial stage of our due diligence, serving as a foundation for the rest of your business transformation journey.

Tool for Targeted Teams

A business consultant tries to fully comprehend your team's capabilities providing HR consulting services where needed. After all, before embarking on your journey, you ensure that your car's engine is in good operating order and is in sync with the rest of its components.

The Flawless Financial Formula

The goal is to make your business profitable with our business consultancy and advisory services in Dubai. We gain visibility in a business's strength to detect the depleting areas with the flawless financial formula. It is similar to examining your car's dynamics to guarantee that it uses the least fuel possible.

Real-Time Revenue Roadmap

We develop and share a real-time revenue roadmap with the business owners. This map may include strategy design, mapping of business processes, and digital transformation, leading to organizational development. The entire travel will go easily if the passengers in your car are in a good mood.

Thriving in Change

Now that you've gotten a 360-degree perspective of your organization and recognized the area of business that needs improvement sit back and watch your company grow. We provide complete facilitation and implementation of the new business strategies with minimal disruption.

What are you waiting for?

Our Happy Clients

What They Say?

OSM was one of the greatest things that happened to me. It made me review my knowledge and brought out my forgotten emotions with their professional approach.

Elham Moradi Pour

Elham Moradi Pour

Managing Director, New Way Real Estate

Zeder OSM is a great initiative for the UAE during a period of economic maturity, especially for SMEs. You guys have helped us a lot as partners align and move together in one direction.

Nagham Kaouk

Nagham Kaouk

Managing Director, Sakura Beauty Spa

Don't be misled by his vast experience in HR, because HR is one of ten other areas which Sadek proved to master as a leader and an Executive. I have personally seen Sadek's " Ten in One" skills when it comes to the critical transformation of the company, and we couldn't have reached our crystal clear progress without having with us a person like Sadek who is getting involved in many aspects of our ongoing transformation. Sadek proved to be a second to none Negotiator and a relationship guardian with Key Suppliers, with an excellent commercial mindset that makes him also getting involved in the growth of the Business, while at the same time putting his finger on the pulse of every other department to an extent of having him attending almost every meeting we conduct due to his diversified contribution. In a nutshell and without any sugarcoating here.... Sadek is a "Ten in One" transformational leader who should never be spared by any organization that is undergoing any turnaround or total business transformation. Period.

Hussein Wehbe

Hussein Wehbe

CEO, Former Government Advisor

We always like ensure that we're working efficiently, our strategy is dynamically adapting to market changes and that right people are placed throughout our company.

Our business model requires several moving parts to be in perfect synchronization for us to perform well. To that effect, we brought in Zeder to review all these elements and to bring in fresh eyes to the operation.

Sadek, leading the Zeder team, is a pragmatic "operational consultant”. He has the ability to zero in on pivotal matters that immediately impact the bottom line.

I highly recommend Zeder for any company that requires a frank objective diagnostic that is intellectually deep, yet pragmatic for implementation.

Muzafar El-Ariss

Muzafar El-Ariss

CEO- Royal Catering (Abu Dhabi- UAE)