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Employees are an organization's most valuable assets. In order to recruit and retain the finest employees, you must guarantee that they are fairly compensated while keeping up with the competition. Salary, remuneration, and job perks are the most important factors that affect an employee's choice. At Zeder group, we provide HR services to help you create a salary and benefits structure that ensures your employees are appropriately compensated. We want to build your company profile so that skillful and talented people want to work at your organization. Our consultants help your company develop a compensation philosophy that is centered on people while also considering business results.

Depending on the business, market behaviors, and cost of living, the compensation framework may differ. Compensation consultants at our HR consultancyunderstand this so they design solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements. Using a standard pay structure that isn't appropriate for the job in question and your market won't do any good. A well-thought-out pay strategy with thorough research helps you stand out in a crowded employment market and enhance your capacity to attract the right people for the job.


Our Compensation Consultancy Services

Market Analysis and Salary Survey

Regarding hiring, some companies struggle to give competitive wages, while others overspend on salary. Our compensations consultants determine the average pay and perks in related industries and sectors through external market study. Our human resource consultancy ensures that your company offers competitive salaries and benefits and attracts the top talent.

Managing Benefits & Rewards Programs

Compensation plan gets complicated when you integrate rewards and benefits, but they are necessary for employee satisfaction and motivation. Our compensation experts can assist you in incorporating these more sophisticated compensation techniques.

Job Structure Assessment

Compensation consulting entails examining individual positions in the context of the entire organization. The company's job structure governs the number and functions of employees necessary in any organization. Our experts help you evaluate each role's relative value at your company with a job evaluation plan, ensuring that every employee is fairly compensated.

Executive Compensation

We design tailored executive compensation and equity plans considering both internal and external aspects. Taking regulations, your budget, and performance into account, our consultants help develop plans that attract, motivate, and retain the best executives.

Strategy Evaluation and Revisions

Our experts examine and inspect how your company has handled compensation and payroll in the past and then work with you to develop a strategy that ensures compensation packages and policies align with your company's visions.

Performance Appraisal

Companies are inclining towardsrewarding employees based on their performance. Working with ourcompensation consultancy can help you set up achievement-based pay and the strategies.


How We Develop Compensation Strategies?

At Zeder Group, we provide an extensive HR consulting services with specialized compensation consultancy services. We have provided a practical and creative solution to a wide range of small to big companies from various industries. Our working strategies unfold as follows.

Collecting data to understand current compensation trends

Evaluating your current employee compensation strategies

Comparison between your current plans and market standards

Suggest modifications and improvements

Assistance in the implementation and management

Advantages of Hiring Our Compensation Consultancy Services

  • Saves your time by finishing the task of drawing up compensation plans with thorough research and meet deadlines.
  • The vast experience and knowledge of consultants allow for better solutions to employee turnover.
  • Experts will offer you impartial advice and options that best fit your needs and operational capabilities.
  • Wrong decisions when it comes to compensation plans can be imprudent and hiring consultants prove to be a cost-efficient decision.
  • Our experts are equipped with resources, competence and experience for developing professional strategies.
  • Professional compensation management allows for better talent acquisition and retention.