Performance Management and Evaluation

To earn a competitive edge in the current environment, all organizations need to improve their management systems, whether small or large. Our HR company ensures firms can succeed in this cutthroat environment by aligning employees with strategic objectives and vision. Yearly appraisals are now a thing of the past. Studies show that they decrease employee engagement and motivation in the long run in both large and small businesses. This innovative and strategic performance management system approach to improving employee performance is gaining traction.

Managers may build a workplace where people and businesses can prosper by emphasizing employee development and balancing organizational objectives with the team and personal goals. An organization develops a method to evaluate and enhance the performance of its personnel based on the notion of performance management. It is a crucial mechanism for the human resources division's hiring, training, and retention of staff members and for evaluating their work.

At Zeder Group, we create and establish a specific plan for each of our clients. Our HR services in Dubai, has team of experts that expertise in understanding a company’s cultures, businesses, and employee landscapes. We know there is no one-size-fits-all. We consider both internal and external processes when creating a strategic performance plan suitable for your company. Call or drop us a message if you want to create, revamp, modify, or review performance management, and our HR company will get back to you!


What We Offer?

Management Training

By ensuring that everyone participating in the program's success understands their position and contribution, we provide development of training programs to incorporate performance management throughout the organization. We design engaging, dynamic training sessions that keep participants actively involved throughout the process, help managers gain the necessary management skills, and help teams work more effectively.

Communication Framework

Backed by years of experience and acquired expertise in the HRM industry our HR company team partner with your company to structure a framework that will reinforce constant performance-related communication between employees and managers.

Employee Audit

We offer a thorough evaluation of the client's present performance management system, including an audit of individual objectives, a study of the cascading of objectives, and focus groups to better understand employee experience.

How We Do It?

Our consultancy aims at offering tools and procedures for corporate performance management that are appropriate. As one of the leading HR companies operating in the UAE we have the required industry knowledge to understand the significance of a great performance management system to boost a company’s overall reputation. To assist you, we will:

  • We get a thorough understanding of the industry and what constitutes strong performance.
  • Integrally match the team's and individuals' goals with the vision, values, and goals of the company.
  • Create and design custom platforms, resources, and coaching to guarantee the performance management system is implemented effectively.
  • Improve current performance management systems by implementing the essential actions to optimize the system's performance and deliver better results and substantive consequences.