Labour Law Compliance UAE

Zeder Group offers end-to-end employee law compliance and human resource management services in Dubai. According to UAE legislation, as a company, your responsibility starts the moment you employ your first individual. Although all legal regulations for different occupational categories are specified in the UAE Law, it may be difficult to understand the laws that apply to your team completely.

As an experienced company in human resource management and other business consultancy services, we provide the best labour law compliance services to help your company govern the employment relationship. If neglected, this can lead to hefty fines and other penalties, thereby causing potential harm to the company’s brand image.

We aim to provide the best labour law consultancy services on all departments of companies, beginning from the integration of the business, and growth phase, to all major operational stages. Backed by a professional team of HR consultants and years of experience with compliance law, we service big corporations and small businesses, including start-ups, all over the UAE. In order to avail of our labor law compliance services, reach us by phone or send an inquiry.


What We Offer ?

Expert Advisory

Our HR company consultants have years of experience in UAE law regulations, therefore, we provide advice on all aspects of businesses. Additionally, we continually track employment and industry rules, which enables us to provide prompt, correct guidance on proposed legislation or revisions to existing laws. This guarantees that, from an HR standpoint, your company will always be in compliance.

Complete Auditing

We offer a comprehensive strategy that may be used to enhance team capabilities and, when necessary, give a strategic vision for HR transformation. In order to analyze functionality and applicability to HR and business objectives, this is typically done through evaluations of current HR Activities, all HR services, Staff Files, Training and Development records, and all existing structures in order.

Document Reviews

As a qualified HR company in Dubai, we offer a thorough examination of employment agreements for all pertinent contractual ties. Consequently, this process leads to compliance with UAE Labor Law and also sector-based recommendations for any revisions that could be necessary or missing elements.

Better Organizational Relations

We assist you in navigating challenging issues in the workplace and administrative management to make sure that they are handled fairly and in accordance with UAE labor law. This safeguards your interests as an employer and guarantees that your staff members receive a fair, open, and honest due process.

How We Do It?

Our HR services assist you by providing assistance in the below-mentioned paradigms to make sure that business is protected and that your team gets to work in a reliable and confident workplace.

  • We provide HR compliance where we examine all relevant HR Rules, Practices, Files, Systems, and everything that falls in the umbrella of compliance.
  • We regularly update our clients on any alterations or additions to the UAE Labor Law or relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Our HR company experts create paperwork that complies with UAE labor laws.
  • We defend your firm by making sure that all personnel activities adhere to the most recent legislation and requirements.
  • In order to enable a win-win conclusion to an employee relations issue, we can offer impartial third-party support.