What if you can increase your chances of making great hires?
Imagine being able to access more, better candidates or even finding the ideal candidate in little to no time. That would simply be too good to be true, no?
Well how about being able to save time and energy by not having to go through many irrelevant CVs and Resumes just to find the most relevant ones. Now that would be a life-saver, right?

Well what if I told you that the right fit for your vacancy is not as far away from you as you think.
In fact, with us, they’ll be pretty much within your reach.
After all, our main goal is to get people who will add value to your business.

How we do things?


First, an in depth analysis of the company, its culture and its values and the requirements of the vacancy is done in order to be able to efficiently determine the profile of the "ideal candidate”.


Second, after the job description of the vacancy has been defined, an extensive research is conducted using our own rich database, headhunting activities and other relevant sources to locate the most ideal candidates.


Third, comes the interviewing and short-listing of the applicants to see whether or not they are a right fit for the vacancy at hand and whether or not they would fit in with the company’s culture. The ideal candidates are then presented to the client.


Fourth, upon the client’s request, our consultants can help design the job offer that will be sent to the selected candidate and will take care of any salary negotiations. The selected candidate is provided with all of the needed information so that they would be fully ready to take on their new job.


Fifth, a constant follow-up is also done to ensure that both the client and the candidate are satisfied with this match.

Hiring the right people is the most important first step towards an organization’s success.
Are you ready to take that step?

Our Happy Clients

What did they say about us

Zeder Group’s team of consultants are truly a force to be reckoned with. They have helped us find the right fit for our company in a short amount of time. I recommend their services to anyone who is looking to fill a vacancy and is finding a hard time doing so. 

Managing Director

Managing Director

Despite the short notice and the number of candidates given, Zeder Group’s team was able to work with our task promptly, delivering quality candidates that match the requirements of the vacancy.
Zeder Group took care of our recruitment process from scratch. I truly am grateful for the quality service they provided us with. Out of all of the consultants I’ve been through Zeder Group, I can honestly say that Zeder Group’s consultants are unmatched in their professionalism and efficiency.

EX-President of an International FMCG Company

EX-President of an International FMCG Company

We have been dealing with Zeder group for a good period now, and we are very satisfied from way they handle things. A well-defined and targeted search for the right talent, supported by an excellent follow up, thank you Zeder team.

Rodolph Salem

Rodolph Salem

Commercial & Marketing Director - Ahmed Abdulwahed Co. (KSA)