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Hiring the right candidates for your company is essential to improving business performance and company growth. As an outstanding HR recruitment agency, Zeder Group will help you find highly skilled and appropriate job candidates. We are a major employment agency with a large network of business connections and significant expertise in providing HR services in the Middle East and Africa. Hence, we can bring a wider scope into your recruiting and staffing process through our HR recruitment Dubai service.
Companies are struggling with employee turnover. We can help you choose the correct candidate to save money and effort and increase employee retention.

We are among Dubai's top HR recruitment agencies because of our professional team and years of experience. Our HR recruitment company believes in staffing solutions that would get you the highly skilled top talent for high productivity. Our expert HR consultants and recruiters offer well-organized services to help you save valuable business time. We help you get people who understand your company's culture and work ethic. Whether you are looking for temporary staffing services or a permanent employee, hire our recruiting firm to find the right candidate.

How do We Work?

Being a professional recruiting agency in the Middle East, we have a well-structured executive recruitment process for your workforce solution. Our staffing firm has access to the right talent looking for a job. We provide employment solutions for temporary placement and permanent staffing. Whether you need healthcare and medical staffing services or manpower for industries, we will pick the right people

Company Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the company will be conducted to understand the culture, values, and requirements of the job profile. This makes our staffing service highly client specific.


A detailed job description for your company vacancies will be created and posted. We perform headhunting activities to locate the ideal candidates through extensive research in our rich database and other relevant sources. You may be requiring temporary workers or full-time job seekers; we will find you the right candidate.


Careful screening of the candidate profiles will help shortlist the professionals for the job interview. Our recruiting agency members will present the client with the right prospects who possess the necessary skill set.


Upon the client's request, consultants at our recruitment agency will also assist in designing the job offer letter and managing salary negotiations. The selected candidate is provided with all the significant information to prepare them for their new job.

Final Follow-up

Our HR recruitment service also includes a constant follow-up to ensure the satisfaction of both client and candidate. This makes our HR services one of their kind in Dubai and across the country.

Benefits Of Our HR Services


We are among the established HR recruitment agency in Dubai and consultants with a wider network of HR consultants in the UAE, Middle East, and Africa. Hence, our staffing agency specializes in offering quality and niche recruiting, staffing, and overall HR services in Dubai. Whether you have a job opening for finance and accounting, legal staffing requirements, or any other field, we can help you out.


A recruiter at our recruitment company in Dubai works systematically to gain faster and better results. Our dedicated team will ensure timely service to help you hire the perfect candidate in minimal time.

Recruiting Process

At our human resource recruitment firm, you can have a smooth and efficient hiring process for your firm. As one of the best HR recruitment agencies in Dubai, we have it all covered through a structured staffing process for you.


Reasonable service costs are one of the major unique qualities of our recruitment agency. Our HR company in Dubai a transparent pricing system that helps us enable quality HR services at competent prices.

Our Clients

Hiring the right people is the most important first step towards an organization’s success.
Are you ready to take that step?

Our Happy Clients

What They Say?

Zeder Group’s team of consultants are truly a force to be reckoned with. They have helped us find the right fit for our company in a short amount of time. I recommend their services to anyone who is looking to fill a vacancy and is finding a hard time doing so. 

Managing Director

Managing Director

Despite the short notice and the number of candidates given, Zeder Group’s team was able to work with our task promptly, delivering quality candidates that match the requirements of the vacancy.
Zeder Group took care of our recruitment process from scratch. I truly am grateful for the quality service they provided us with. Out of all of the consultants I’ve been through Zeder Group, I can honestly say that Zeder Group’s consultants are unmatched in their professionalism and efficiency.

EX-President of an International FMCG Company

EX-President of an International FMCG Company

We have been dealing with Zeder group for a good period now, and we are very satisfied from way they handle things. A well-defined and targeted search for the right talent, supported by an excellent follow up, thank you Zeder team.

Rodolph Salem

Rodolph Salem

Commercial & Marketing Director - Ahmed Abdulwahed Co. (KSA)