Organizational Structure Planning

Development of a Successful Organization Design


When a new business or company starts, the first step is to develop an organizational structure. If it is done initially, a lot of hassle is avoided later as the operations run smoother. As organizations grow, the business scope widens, and the number of employees increases. An organizational restructure is often required to cope with the changes and accommodate the current circumstances. At Zeder group, we understand that each company starts with a vision. The organizational structure aligns systems, processes, and people, so the company goals are achieved. Our HR consultancy works to integrate your organization's resources and workforce planning to attain maximum growth.

Understanding the business and its objectives is the key to developing a successful organization design. It is not a one size fits all solution. Our HR professionals will study your company in-depth and analyze the current structure being followed. We will point out the gaps in the system that may be affecting the performance. We provide HR services that also include restructuring of your organization by developing new departments and creating leadership and management solutions.


Our Services

Structure Design

Creating a system for a methodical activity and talent management within an organization to support the company's vision. Establishing a power structure, task categorizing, and data flow within.

Job Structure

Creating a strong basis for all elements of HR management, including job definitions and classifications, as well as employee development and management.

Process Analysis

A thorough assessment of complete processes in all departments to recognize the issues and redesign systems to improve workforce cooperation and communication.

New Policies

Setting up rules for the workforce to follow to carry out different business processes, commonly called standard operating procedures. A set of instructions for responsibilities and how to execute each activity.


Once a structural plan has been devised, our HR management professionals will supervise and ensure a smooth transition.


How We Work

Create a detailed organization chart

Identify the missing links

Develop new policies and procedures

Create a workflow for each operation

Build KPIs and employee performance measurement metrics

Develop an employee appraisal process

Design better communication channels for the teamwork

Implementing the structure designs in all operations and verify adherence

Benefits of hiring organizational design consultants

  • Business consultants with years of experience and with excellent performance history will handle your organization structure.
  • Professionals look under the surface to uncover roadblocks to success, allowing you to design long-term solutions for your company.
  • Human resource management will work with you every step of the way to equip you with the tools and expertise you need to properly build and transition to your new organizational structure.
  • Find redundancies and repetitive efforts in your business and simplify them so your employees are focused on achieving company goals and organizational development.
  • Create a company-wide organizational design that is uniform across all departments and core functions.