Profiling & Assessment

Have you looked at where you are career-wise and thought that by now you should have been way more ahead?
Take a moment and imagine the "you” you’ve always wanted to be. That go-getter, that person who knows exactly what they want and are not afraid to go after it. That person who overcame their fears, came to terms with their shortcomings and are now thriving both in their professional and personal lives. Well, they are not as out of reach as you think.

What if I told you that there's a tool that could help you identify the areas you excel in and the areas you need to further work on. A tool that could help you figure out who you really are and which path you should be on. A tool that "reads” you.

What is the I-Profile Analyzer?

An assessment tool in the form of an online questionnaire with 3 possible answers to every question that evaluates your actual behavior and helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses. The test is not you. The test is a precise X-ray of your habits. And habits are always subject to change.

How is it done?


After the test has been taken, its results will be automatically calculated and a detailed report will be prepared for the individual.


An interview with the individual who has taken the test will be scheduled to show them their points of strength and weaknesses and give them the exact steps, exercises and instructions to improve their life. The test works inside out. It helps you work on your personality until you eventually see an improvement in your productivity, business results and quality of life for good.


Once the potential of the person is established, it must be improved to utilize all of the benefits of the OSM Methodology.


A customized training program is then set up to correspond to the particular needs of the employee. And once training starts, you are guaranteed to see immediate change and improvement. You’ll soon be able to manage your insecurities and bad habits, your skills and communication will be further improved and you will find yourself on the road to success.

So what are you waiting for?

Our Happy Clients

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Thank you Mr. Sadek for enabling me and others to develop their full potential.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

Meeting OSM and participating in their trainings on people improvement changed my life completely.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant

I have been using I-Profile for several years with countless benefits and great results for my group of restaurants. I have used it with current employees working in managerial and strategic positions within the company and the results helped us grow our team whilst in other cases to make the decision of letting people go. More recently, I started using I-Profile also in the hiring process, for any position in the FOH and that request to be in contact with the public. The results of the test help our HR department in the interview process, asking the correct questions, addressing certain issues and eventually screening the candidates that do not fit our company culture. It is an incredibly useful tool; I would recommend I-Profile to any company.

Graziano Sbroggio

Graziano Sbroggio

President- Graspa Group (Miami, USA)