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We are not just a training service provider. We walk the whole road with you and follow up your results on a monthly basis to guarantee your success.

Profiling & Assessment

This course will teach the participants how to manage and excite an audience and how to prepare presentations that will leave a strong and efficient impact on its listeners. 

If you expect theory you will be disappointed. We are not here to teach concepts, we are here to teach something we have experienced. We are here to share with you our practical know-how.

We follow the proven OSM Methodology that can be applied from the moment the training is over.

We are obsessed with results and we love to over-deliver value.

This course will help you understand what leadership truly is. After its completion you will have all the needed knowledge to become a successful leader yourself. 

The ability to deal with stressful situations is an essential skill for life. 

This training provides the individual with all the practical skills and coping strategies needed to efficiently manage any type of stress you might be facing.

Good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success.

This training provides the individual with efficient ways and methods that would no doubt help them manage their time more effectively. 

Business Consultancy

This training is designed for entrepreneurs and managers. It enables them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the models a successful organization structure should implement based on its needs, goals and output. Precise strategic planning and risk management are some of the courses main topics. 

This is a course that reveals successful strategies and methodologies that business owners can set up in order to manage the finances of their companies. The course’s main goal is to give participants the tools that will enable them to increase their profits and strengthen the financial indicators of their companies. 

This course introduces the participants to a key business aspect. It is designed for anyone who wants to build a sustainable business and to double its operation volumes. 

This training provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and understanding of the essential ingredients needed to run a successful company. Main focus is put on the ability to generate sales and learning in a sustainable way. Leadership, Team Management, Marketing Management, Risk Management, Financial Management and Project Planning are just some of the aspects the participant will master.

The course explores in detail the strategic steps that constitute the vital elements of the delegation process and the allocation of tasks in an organization. Those who attend the course will learn to successfully transfer the right projects to the right individuals.

This course teaches the participants the fundamentals of the sales process. Once you complete this course, you will become a capable and effective sales agent.

This course gives the participants a sophisticated description of the techniques and methods that enlighten the entrepreneur on the various activities that lead to strategic decision making. Upon completing this training, the participants will be able to invest their time into managing activities that will grow the business.

Stress is the state that you experience when you perceive that you cannot adequately cope with the demands being made on you. Working in HR & recruitment can be very stressful but we will help you manage stress positively at work.

The content of this course explores one vital aspect of communication: the ability to ask for the right information and above all the ability to obtain the information you need. 

HR Consultancy

This training provides HR Managers with the knowledge and understanding of the essential ingredients needed to create, manage and run a successful team.

Even in teams of highly skilled, clever and respectful people, toxicity can find room to grow and it’s the HR Manager’s job to weed out this toxicity to prevent it from dulling the vibrant working environment.

This training provides the HR Manager with many efficient ways that could help them identify, address and manage toxic people. 

An emotionally intelligent HR Manager would better understand and motivate employees.

This course will help you become more aware of your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.


Manage and look-after your teams efficiently. 

Learn the essentials of finding, hiring and retaining the top skilled candidates in the market. 

Time is of the essence, especially for recruiters. 

Learn to manage your time efficiently and optimize the overall recruitment process. 

Our Happy Clients

What did they say about us

The Leadership course has helped me understand how one should work and behave in a company and with their team. OSM has motivated me to work on my weaknesses & improve my attitude.
Thank you a lot Sadek & Fabian for your time and efforts.

Ansu Gupta

Ansu Gupta

Zeder Group’s Leadership course is highly effective. I got the most advantage from understanding the appropriate and efficient relationship that should be maintained between managers & employees. The course helped me in implementing the right strategy to achieve my desired goals, and got my employees highly engaged in achieving it! So I highly recommend the course for CEOs and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to grow and develop their businesses.

Mounir Kronful

Mounir Kronful

(Managing Director), Construction & Builders (Lebanon).

I have taken many courses in my whole career, nothing can be compared to this one with OSM. Fabian and Sadek are really wonderful when it comes to delivering information, solving team issues and creating the best work environment to achieve any company’s goal. I recommend OSM to any company that wants to grow and manage people perfectly.

Ibrahim Jeian

Ibrahim Jeian

Managing Director, Fort Equity (Dubai – UAE).