Human Resource Auditing

Whether you are a big organization or a small firm, HR accounting allows an objective examination of your HR policies, procedures, and practices. Apart from many advantages, the main goal of human resource accounting is to identify problems and find solutions to solve those problems. However, HR audit is not part of conventional auditing as it is the audit of human resources and how much a firm has spent on recruiting, selecting, training, and developing human assets.

Zeder Group is a leading HR consulting company in Dubai that helps organizations form a clear baseline in order to move forward, taking into account their human resource needs and objectives. However, developing such policies is a time-consuming process. Still, our expert and highly knowledgeable consultants devise systematic and comprehensive ways to structure HR audits that align with the corporate culture. Regular evaluations are essential to maintain things up to date because the legal and organizational landscape is a constantly evolving field.

Here, at Zeder Group, we offer professional HR audits to understand your company's overall human resource framework. Our HR services Dubai form the strategies based on those findings and let your organization achieve its required HR goals by identifying gaps and providing improvement solutions. Any firm looking forward to enhancing their human resource health or wanting to start addressing the HR challenges of the new world is welcome to contact us for consultancy and assistance.


What We Offer ?

Compliance Check

No matter how big or small an organization is, compliance with HR laws is necessary. As a specialized HR consultancy company in the UAE, we provide expertise and assistance to ensure that your business policies sit well with local laws and regulations.

An Analysis of the Policies

In order to enhance an organization’s competitive edge, we run a full audit of the human resource structure to understand, analyze, and provide solutions to the current policies depending on the sector’s best practices. Our HR services also ensure that the audit contributes to employee branding, attraction, retention, and a wholesome employment experience.

Business and HR Strategy

Our We establish complacency between a firm’s HR framework and business policies. To get the job done, we analyze the team structure, HR policies, systems, procedures, and all forms of paperwork.

How We Do It?

  • We, as a team of experienced HR company, conduct interviews with shareholders and focus groups on understanding the perception of the HR framework.
  • Analyze and cross-check current HR policies with the firm's goals, interests, technology, and industry practices.
  • We compare and evaluate whether your company's HR practices fit the industry's required HR practices.
  • Determine whether HR policies and practices complement the business plan and its strategic direction, vision, and goals by evaluating them over the employee life cycle
  • Examine personnel documents, training materials, and other pertinent records.
  • Review both online and offline systems to determine functionality and sustainability in relation to HR and business requirements. Prepare and deliver a thorough report outlining the conclusions and suggestions to back them up.
  • Create and deliver a thorough report outlining the conclusions and suggestions to support the findings.