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Professional Job Description Writing


The most significant task for HR companies in Dubai is recruiting talent and new employees for the company. For this purpose, job ads that include job descriptions are created and published. A job description provides insightful information on the purview, responsibilities, duties, commitments, and working conditions related to the job listing in the organization. The job description also specifies the experience and competencies that an applicant must have. Developing and writing clear and concise job descriptions is not a simple task. Our HR professionals at Zeder Group write and create job descriptions with clarity. A thorough process of job evaluation and job analysis goes behind it.

We understand how important producing a clear and concise job description is. It will be used not only in creating job ads but also to monitor and manage an employee's performance later. Employers also use the Job description to determine the appropriate pay and benefits for the employees. We are specialists in providing expert HR services and writing efficient job descriptions. Our human resources experts conduct thorough research and understand the job premises before producing detailed job descriptions.


Our Job Description Writing Services

Thorough Job Analysis

Assembling and analyzing data and required qualifications of jobs, as well as the context wherein jobs are performed.

Assess Existing Descriptions

We evaluate pre-existing job descriptions using standard practices. Suggest necessary modifications and additions where necessary.

Producing New Descriptions for Job Ads

Our expert HR consultants conduct comprehensive research to understand a specific job and its parameters to produce a detailed job description.

Benchmark Compensation Plan

Employee compensation is determined by their job duties and responsibilities. Once job descriptions are finalized, we help managers formulate a successful employee compensation plan and payroll.


How We Work

Job Evaluation & in-depth Analysis

Collaborate with managers to clarify job duties and functions

Learn about daily tasks from someone already on the same job

Change the existing job descriptions where necessary

develop new ones based on the findings

Suggest framework modifications to improve the organization structure

Why Partner Up with Us?

  • HR professionals are experts in writing job requirements; they will save your time and effort.
  • Experienced consultants have accumulated enough knowledge and information over the years and can better compose a clear job description ad.
  • Professionally written job specifications help employers with employee appraisal and performance review.
  • Reduces employee turnover as the job applicants clearly understand their responsibilities and are not overwhelmed later.
  • It helps companies decide on a competitive pay design based on market research for a specific job description.