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Find The Right Talent with The I-Profile

I-Profile: Your Go-To to Finding The Right Talent

An HR manager’s experience and intuition come into play when searching for new talent for the organization. Yet, we often hire the wrong person and gradually see an increase in costs that goes beyond actual monetary spending such as the energy and valuable time spent to find that applicant as well as the interpersonal conflicts that might arise within the team due to the inability of the new hire to adapt which will negatively affect the working environment.

With the right people your company will rise and prosper while the wrong people will simply bring it down.

Finding Talent,

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an HR manager is finding talent, right?

Recall the moments when you’ve managed to find a rough diamond that needed only a bit of polishing to fully shine before bringing your company to prosperity.

That brought a smile to your face, didn’t it?

In the new era of employees choosing the employer, we need to back ourselves up with more advanced and efficient tools that will enable us to find the right person for job who will make an impact within the company and not just be an additional cost.

Zeder Group’s recruitment service coupled with OSM’s I-Profile Analysis test is your solution.

It’s a wise investment that will no doubt procure you great returns.

What’s the I-Profile?

The I-Profile is a tool that measures a person’s working potential. With its help finding the right talent will be a piece of cake.

If you don’t know yet how an I-Profile looks like here it is an example:

With the I-Profile you have all that information displayed for the person who took it and you can immediately tell whether or not they match the position they applied to.

The results of the person above show that they are responsible, organized and confident. They are open and direct and always speak their mind. They are bit of a perfectionist and have great selling skills.

This person sounds like the perfect candidate if you’re hiring for a manager right?

Well, if we look at the last 4 traits that reflect the person’s interpersonal relationships their score is way below 0. In other words, they are someone who is unable to inspire and encourage those around them. They don’t involve them in projects (not a team player) but simply view them as executors. They are bad listeners and are quick to judge others.

Now, after getting a 360 degrees view of this candidate, do you still think that they have what it takes to be a good manager?

The answer is…No.

They will need to undergo training in Leadership and Communication which gives a glimpse on the costs the company will have to incur to train this candidate.

However, this person can perform well in a position that does not necessarily require a lot of interaction with other departments such as that of an executor. They will most probably excel in technical jobs.

There are 6 more traits to explore in the vertical section where the figures -23, -20, 72 can be seen, in addition to many combinations that have been established (Sense of organization + Self-motivation + Stress, etc) to delve deeper into the candidate’s hidden potential.

Results & Benefits,

Each I-Profile result is delivered through a detailed explanation done by a trained consultant who "analyzes and reads” the person tested.

And the cherry on top is that– you can have all of this information in advance. Before you make the final recruitment decision and invest in your new hires.

With the I-Profile test you CAN hire the right person for the right position and FIND hidden talents.

This is not only limited to the recruitment process but can also be used to evaluate the skills of your current staff and relocate some to the positions that best suit them. And that’s when you’ll notice how more efficient those who have shifted to better suited positions will be simply because they finally found their place within the company.

This is what the I-Profile test does.

By implementing it into your business strategy today you can:

  • Find new and right talent.
  • Uplift your employees’ spirits.
  • Match the right people with the right positions.
  • Increase your success rate.

And above everything, you’ll gain immense satisfaction and fulfillment as a HR manager.

A business is built by the people who work in it.

These people are your greatest asset.

Invest in them.

But invest wisely with Zeder OSM.

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