Guide to Prosperity MasterClass

Discover the steps to bring abundance in your company,
Learn the hidden procedures to grow a business,
And finally become a Free Entrepreneur.

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"Guide to Prosperity MasterClass”
With Paolo Ruggeri, CEO of OSM international

Paolo Ruggeri
Paolo Ruggeri
CEO OSM international


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5PM to 6:30PM (KSA, LEB Time)

4PM to 5:30PM (CAIRO Time)

6PM to 7:30PM (UAE Time)

What you will learn during this free online masterclass


How to create a company with the OSM Method which will allow you to grow and prosper, despite any global economic crises or external challenges


What are the hidden procedures to grow a company


How to always have under control your financial situation, having it constantly regenerated like a real lung full of oxygen for your company


How to get things done through people and stop being hindered by daily urgencies


How to reach prosperity in your personal and professional life


How to overcome competition


The most advanced business management strategies and the ability to successfully apply them


The foundations to create a solid and prosperous company


What path will allow you to become a capable, credible and authorative leader who can finally take advantage of all the benefits of an entrepreneur, and getting the most out of people

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a businessman or a freelancer, you must know that the only difference between a successful business and a non-profitable one is management and the ability to successfully apply its strategies and processes.

The truth is; there are no businesses that don't work. There are only entrepreneurs who were not taught how to drive and lead a business to success.

There are processes to be learned, mechanisms, and figures to be applied and keep under control, employees to be managed, results to be evaluated and the ability to recruit the best people. But the beauty is that all of these skills can be learned.

During Guide to Prosperity webinar of Paolo Ruggeri we will address the fundamental gears that you MUST spin correctly to never find yourself short of resources and in danger.

Please note, the webinar will be done on zoom and we will have a limited number of places. So don't beat around the bush or you risk being left out.

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"I was working a lot and I was stressed, I didn’t have the results I was aiming for. I began to think that I would have risked failing, to no longer collect from my customers and to not be able to pay my suppliers.
I got to know OSM and they told me that they would have helped me overcome the crisis. I immediately signed up to speak with one of their consultants. I spoke to Salvatore and from that moment I understood that I could put my company in safety.
I am following their advice and finally I’m achieving much bigger results in a very short term. Now with the right strategy, which I’m learning from OSM, I’m able to see a bright future for my company.”

Rami Khaled

Rami Khaled

Akra Design

"As soon I received my I-Profile Analysis results and attended OSM services my assertiveness concept was developed as a result of the training which increased delegation to team members and spread confidence and trust factor.
What really made a difference to me and to my team's productivity was:

1. Applying the Cause and Effect factor helped us to smoothly find solutions to any problem.
2. Emotional intelligence awareness and development helped to motivate staff in to higher productivity
3. Mastering the art of dealing with people was a secret to our success.

I would highly recommend to all the executives and individuals in senior positions to contract with OSM for their services.
OSM has helped in defining and attracting the right caliber of people.
Finding the perfect match for the vacancies we had has helped us reduce the recruitment costs (hiring, retaining and releasing if necessary) with the ROI in mind. Improving the morale at the company, achieving high results by being productive as individuals and as a team.”

Al Rabban Holding

Al Rabban Holding

Mazen Chedi; Group HR Manager

"Before doing the training with OSM, we had many missed communications among the senior team.
The I-Profile and the other OSM services helped us to understand each one's attitude, our work behavior, and how we can find ways to eventually be more effective.
I really found it useful learning about each of our strengths and weaknesses, this allowed us to worked out a good communication plan to fix the whole team communication skills, achieve better results, and have a healthier work environment.
Being aware of my strength and areas for improvement allowed me to improve my way of approach which created a smoother environment and a more work understanding relationship.
For those who are looking to strengthen the management of the company I strongly suggest to enroll in OSM services, especially all senior levels, so they can work out good trainings to help improve the unsatisfactory processes, to get successful results.”

Al Shamlan Holding

Al Shamlan Holding

Rima Moukheibor Klimos

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